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Скотские (Шотландские) футбольные болельцы - самые голые в мире!

Обнаженного шотландского футбольного фаната сегодня увели полицейские в Гайд-парке после того, как тысячи шотландцев съехались в Лондон в преддверии завтрашней игры.

Было замечено, как несколько сотрудников полиции окружили болельщика, прежде чем оттащить его от толпы зрителей.

The Scots fan was seen chatting to friends completely naked in Hyde Park earlier today

Police led a naked Scottish football fan away

Гуляй, рванина!

Fans had been told to stay away without a ticket but it hasn't stopped thousands descending on London

Football fans gathered in a large crowd in Hyde Park ahead of tomorrow's clash

Scottish fans have descended on London stations ahead of tomorrow's game

Fans donned their tartan as they arrived in London today

Proud supporters have headed to London despite warnings not to come if they don't have a ticket

Scots believe they can end their curse at Wembley

Those without tickets say they will watch the game in pubs

A fan clutches a copy of The Scottish Sun for the journey to London

A fan in a Scottish costume readies himself for the action

An excited supporter swings on a tree at Euston as security guards watch on

В 1977 году было круче со скоскими болельщиками дело...

Pictures from 1977 show a much different affair for Scottish fans

Fans had invaded the pitch at Wembley after Scotland beat England 2-1 in 1977

The celebration soon erupted in chaos as the Tartan Army beat the Auld Enemy


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