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Миллионы бритов в спокойствии чинном отмечают победу над Украиной.

Сборная Англии победила команду Украины со счетом 4:0 и вышла в полуфинал чемпионата Европы по футболу
Англичане открыли счет на 4-ой минуте и еще три мяча забили во втором тайме. На нынешнем турнире они пока еще не пропустили ни одного гола. Встреча прошла в Риме. В полуфинале в Лондоне команда Англии сыграет 7 июля со сборной Дании, которая накануне победила в Баку сборную Чехии со счетом 2:1.

British football supporters celebrate their victory over Ukraine in Magaluf, Balearic Islands

England supporters celebrate in Leicester Square in London

England's fans kiss and celebrate their team's victory at the end of the UEFA EURO 2020 quarter-final football match between England and Ukraine

England football fans climb the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus, central London

Fans celebrate in front of the Olympic Stadium in Rome

England's fans celebrate their team's victory at the end of the UEFA EURO 2020 quarter-final football match

Darkness may have fallen - but supporters show no signs of stopping the celebrations

Плохая погода веселью не помеха

Poor weather didn't stop boozers making the most of their evening at The Myrtle Tavern in West Yorks

Supporters in Newcastle showed four fingers to mark the victory

Employers across the nation can breathe a sigh of relief that tomorrow's a Sunday - as celebrations are set to go on long into the night

In London, fans leapt to their feet after Kane's first goal - but there was plenty more to follow

And in Croydon, viewers went screamed with joy

England ran away with it during a sensational match

Viewers across the country lost it during the match

Fans are in dreamland at the stunning game

Supporters crowded into a huge fan zone in Trafalgar Square

Hundreds of Brits are in Rome for the England game

Others danced on tables to celebrate

England football fans celebrate as they beat Ukraine 4-0 in Euro 2020

Кейн, чо. Забил два гола.

The ace scored a blinding goal within moments - and then another in the second half

Макгвайр - третий

Maguire then scored moments into the second half

Хендерсон - четвёртый гвоздь в крышку.

Henderson celebrates after scoring the fourth

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