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Цукера с бергером пошли поливать жабами.

A social media user photoshopped Zuckerberg with the flag into the film Titanic. The patriotic tech mogul is seen on his surfboard while Kate Winslet’s character, Rose, wanders in the flooded hallways of the doomed ship

A few social media users photoshopped Jaws into the image as he is about to devour ‘the Zuck’

Zuckerberg is seen above photoshopped into the poster for the movie Jaws

Zuckerberg’s July Fourth image also was superimposed on photos of recent disasters at sea, including the explosion of a gas pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico

Zuckerberg’s July Fourth image was also superimposed on photos of the massive explosion of a mud volcano beneath the surface of the Caspian Sea

The ‘Zuckerberg in the Gulf of Mexico’ meme was enhanced with another meme - that of Senator Bernie Sanders crossing his arms and legs while wearing mittens during Joe Biden’s inauguration

Another social media user compared Zuckerberg’s surf ride to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s highly publicized images of him riding a horse. ‘Same energy,’ commented a social media user

In another meme, Zuckerberg is seen holding a Chinese flag rather than an American one. While Facebook is blocked in China, the company has been accused of a liberal bias, particularly in light of its decision to bar former President Donald Trump from its platform

Another social media user photoshopped the image of a monkey on Zuckerberg’s face, remarking that the Facebook founder was emitting ‘circus chimp vibe.’

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