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Мама спросила: "Как дети?" Папа ответил: "Нормуль!"

Отец поделился занятными фотографиями
времяпровождения со своими двумя дочерьми.

Kenny and Alix coolly walk away from hellfire as bomber jets hover menacingly above in a photoshopped picture

От проливания горячего кофе на ребенка до разрешения малышке играть с циркульной электропилой - фотографии на Instagram-аккаунте On Adventure with Dad могли бы навести на мысль, что Кенни Деус - ужасный отец.

Deuss sent his daughters' mother this picture of them being abducted by aliens

На самом деле бельгийский папа двоих детей - искусный фотошопер с чувством юмора, которому нравится придумывать безумные приключения для себя, новорожденной дочери Астер и двухлетней дочери Аликс, чтобы отправить их своей девушке Тинеке, когда она пишет ему каждый вторник, чтобы проверить, как дела у их дочерей.

Kenny photoshopped this picture of his infant daughter as the two are robbing a bank ATM, which he sent to her mom

"Когда моя девушка получила первую фотографию, ей пришлось посмотреть дважды [чтобы понять, что происходит на самом деле], но прошло совсем немного времени, и она и ее коллеги стали с нетерпением ждать новых фотографий", - говорит Кенни.

Deuss says the girls' mother is a good sport about it, even if the picture shows her baby being flown away by a bird

In this photoshopped picture, Deuss cheers his young daughter on as she prepares to attempt an impossible cycling course

When mom's away, the kids will play, as a picture dad sent shows him having a few cold ones with his infant daughter

Kenny sent his girlfriend and mother to his children this picture of him spilling piping hot coffee on his newborn daughter

Never too young to learn how to use an electric hacksaw when dad's around! Deuss admitted she took a while to understand it

Just carelessly walking on a tight-rope over a canyon with his young toddler... nothing unusual to see here...

This dad made sure the force was with his infant daughter after photoshopping them locked in an epic lightsaber battle

One VERY small step for man... Deuss had some fun at the expense of his daughter's mother when he sent this picture

Catch him if you can!

Who wants to play 'catch the baby?!' This dad does! The Dutch father photoshopped this hilarious pic of him and his daughers

How much detergent is one load again? Hmmmm... And nevermind the baby trapped inside the washer in the background

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