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Пиликала гармошка, играл аккордеон, а плотник из Венеции - вот скрипку создал он.

Лодка в форме гигантской скрипки, построенная как дань памяти людям, умершим от COVID-19, совершила пробное плавание в Венеции в пятницу.

Three cheers! With the violin-shaped vessel successfully bobbing on the water, the team who carried out the manoeuvre raised their arms in the air in triumph

Скрипка Ноя" была создана во время пандемии художником Ливио Де Марчи в сотрудничестве с Консорциумом развития Венеции.

The artist, known as the Carpenter of Venice (pictured), has produced many floating sculptures including a wooden Ferrari

Художник, известный как Венецианский плотник, создал множество плавучих скульптур, включая деревянный Феррари.

To add a touch of glamour to the occasion, a cellist in an evening gown perched on the violin's bridge during the test

Во время испытания на мостике скрипки сидела виолончелистка в вечернем платье.

A boat in the shape of a giant violin, built as an homage to people who have died from COVID-19, had a test voyage in Venice on Friday as a cellist played on the deck

Лодка длиной 12 метров или 40 футов и шириной 4 метра будет в конечном итоге нести ансамбль, исполняющий музыку, плывя по Гранд-каналу города-лагуны.

'Violin of Noah' was created during the pandemic by artist Livio De Marchi in collaboration with the Venice Development Consortium

Хотя судно в форме скрипки уже было спущено на воду, официально оно будет спущено на воду в сентябре и будет плавать по городу.

The boat, reported to be 12 meters or 40 feet in length and four metres wide, will ultimately carry an ensemble playing music as it sails on the lagoon city's Grand Canal

Although already having been placed in the water, the violin-shaped vessel will officially be launched in September and will sail around the city

The enormous wooden artwork has been painstakingly produced by Livio De Marchi, with even the tiniest details carefully crafted

Easy does it! The artist and a team of helpers looked on nervously as a crane carefully lowered the large violin boat into the water in Venice on Friday

Testing the waters: Livio De Marchi looked more than impressed with his work as it bobbed gently on the surface of the water in Venice, supporting both his bodyweight, and that of the cellist sat on the deck

The enormous sculpture required two large bands attached at either end in order to lower it into the water

Paying tribute: The vessel, which was crafted to honour the memory of those who lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic, saw in its first test voyage with a performance by a cellist

Impressively, the music-inspired boat supported the weight of multiple people without sinking below the surface of the water

Delicate operation: An entire team of helpers used both a crane and a series of strings and pullies to successfully lower the unique vessel into the Venetian waters

Time to celebrate! To see in the maiden test voyage, one of the helpers smashed a bottle of prosecco on the side of the boat

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