montrealex (montrealex) wrote,

Изба-читальня Монтреалекса. Золотой телёнок Ильфа и Петрова. Часть Вторая. English only.

When crossing the street, look around
The rule of street traffic
Pedestrians should be loved.
Pedestrians are a big part of humanity.

Not only that, they are the best part of it.

Pedestrians created the world.

They built cities, erected high-rise buildings, installed sewers and plumbing, paved streets, and lit them with electric lights. It was they who spread culture throughout the world, invented printing and gunpowder, built bridges over rivers, deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphics, introduced the safety razor, abolished  the slave trade, and discovered that soybeans can be used to make one hundred and fourteen delicious, nutritious meals.

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